We-share Volkswagen Future - Mobility

Berlin Headquarter May-sept 2019


Set Design - Interior Design

UMI - Urban Mobility International -  WeShare - Berlin headquarter

Inspired by the fresh way to live common office spaces, comfort, smart business, new startups hub, the ideas
and the design comes from a need to divide office spaces and to characterize the 7 meeting rooms and all the common areas of the 1600 square meters divided into two floors of the new WE SHARE Berlin headquarter.

The interior design of WeShare office is a 1600 sq.m. area divided into two floors, low ceiling and 70’s industrial building. Within a relative ‘low budget’ we managed to create a sparkling and comfortable working environment, that communicates the brand value, builds a strong company culture, gives employees a sense of belonging, dynamic and projected to the future without losing its coziness.
An article about the Office Design was published on Designboom and Officesnapshot:



photo: Sabine Zoltnere