Set Design - Exhibition Design - Stage Design for Fashion Shows, Art and Culture, Technology, and Commercials projects.

Projects and thoughts are addressed to clients/organization from several creative areas including museums, galleries, shows and events, festivals, theaters, which seek to communicate content in unusual ways or involve the audience in audio-visual walk-in ambient.

Born in Turin (Italy) with an educational background in scenography and specialized in exhibition and stage design, his continuous research is focused on creating bespoke atmospheres, designing site-specific environments in a language that weaves contemporary spatial design, film set, theatre, new media and architecture.
A blending between physical and virtual elements are the keys to expanding horizons toward scenic concepts.

Working between Berlin and London, Serlenga has on-going collaborations in Europe, UK and the USA with different productions, agencies, studios and institutes, among the most important:
BigArtGroupNYC, MoMa Ps1, Schaubühne Berlin, Elle Russia- Prada, Elle Russia-Hermes, Levi Foundation Venice, MyTheresa for Valentino, Guidi 1896, Paris Fashion Week, Volkswagen DE, General Electric IT, Coca Cola DE, Philips DE, Helsinki Design Week FI, RD Content UK, Samsung IT, Piano B Milan IT, Studio Tomás Saraceno Berlin, Plastique-Fantastique Berlin, Asphalt Piloten Berlin, Verona Arena, Opera House Florence.

Finding fresh ways to communicate creative concepts and brand values, art direction and set design add a new dimension to corporate identity, taking entertainment to the next level.