Ikona Gallery Venice Carnival March 2019


Exhibition Design - Installation

Elena Veronese - Simone Serlenga
Ikona Gallery - Campo del Ghetto, Venice 2-5 MARCH 2019

Overtourism or cannibal tourism, as it has been defined by the international press, is the theme of the temporary installation FLOTTE/FLEET.
Located in the Campo del Ghetto in Venice at Ikona Gallery, the event is organized in conjunction with Carnevale, the symbolic feast of Venice, and aims to provide a glimpse of a global phenomenon that engulfs the city, is deteriorating its social fabric and converting its identity just into a tourist experience.
Nowadays tourists are being asked to pay an entrance ticket for a divertissement.
One tourist for every inhabitant. This is the data that has been collected in Venice, where 28 million tourists a year visit the city - one and a half times the size of the maximum sustainability.

The installation presents itself to visitors as a crowded, cluttered, concentrated place, through which they will physically have to make space and free themselves from a figurative indistinct mass.
In the search for the perfect shot to keep as a memory and to share on social networks, it will be possible to capture a glimpse of the city through the screen of a mobile phone, and then jump to another tourist attraction and the opportunity for another "not to be missed" selfie.

Enriched with multiple facets, FLOTTE/FLEET is a moment of reflection and exchange in the contrast between multimedia and experiential paths further explored over the course of the exhibition through featured collaborators.

Sound designer Makoto Sakamoto, who samples and regenerates the sounds of the city, will create a site-specific soundscape for FLOTTE, while Valentina Milan, a contemporary dancer who interacts with space and the visitors, will stage a durational performance.

photo credits: Letizia Goretti | Lorenza Cini