"4 + 4 Days in Motion" Prague

BREATHING VOLUME "4 + 4 Days in Motion" Festival

Production Design

Prague, October 2015  

Unexpectedly steers the focus from what surrounds us, to what is immediate, here and now, offering a distorted Upon entering the public will be embraced between breathing walls constantly changing their physical volume, for approximately 5 minutes, creating a perception of being inside a living organism.

Four synchronised ventilators trigger the dynamics of the sound matrix and the movement of the walls by following the canon of human lungs. Subwoofers placed in its interior transform the pulsing bass frequencies into the soul of the organism.

BREATHING VOLUME is an installation that offers a unique experience, merging dynamic architecture and immersive sound design. It plays with the notion of space in an audio-visual context. reflection on our relationship with space, its distance and extension.  

Concept: Marco Canevacci, Marco Barotti
Project: Plastique-Fantastique
Sound Design: Marco Barotti
Set design: Simone Serlenga  
Team: Yena Young, Hugo Luque, Stephanie Grönnert