New collection display - Tokyo - Osaka stores 2020


Exhibition Design

New collection display Tokyo and Osaka temporary stores.

Following the collaboration for the exhibition design of the Milamore temporary store in Rue de la Paix Paris during the Paris Fashion Week 2020, Milamore’s brand wants to redesign its windows showcases in Tokyo and Osaka temporary stores, in which to display the new collection.

The displays designed and realized by Simone Serlenga in collaboration with What About Agency and ToBeConfirmedStudio, assisted by labs and sculptors between Italy, Netherlands and Germany, consist of 40 pieces jewellery displays made out of mixed material, including Marble, Travertine, Alabaster, 3D Printing and sprayed on Velvet Powder.

The design of the new collection of jewellery displays for the MILAMORE showcases of the temporary stores in Tokyo and Osaka, is the result of research on the purity of the material, a study about stones and marble processing to enhance all their beauty and create a strong contrast with jewellery but at the same time showing an aesthetic marriage that can highlight the expression of jewellery design.

The stylistic choice of associating noble materials with 3D designs and 3D printing is intended to link materials and techniques of the past to contemporary methods and productions.

The collection of 40 pieces aims to create a story that relates the two techniques and the two worlds of classical and modern jewellery, connected to each other by the art of making jewellery, from the ancient traditions and methods of the great masters to more contemporary design and production techniques.

The navy blue of the displays is the perfect backdrop to bring out the beauty and creativity of MILAMORE jewellery.

Brand: milamore jewelry⁠
Creative Agency:⁠
Design and Manufacture: simone serlenga ⁠
Design Ass: elena veronese
Sculpture: markus wüste