Anniversary Event - Leopolda Station Florence



Leopolda Station Florence - 15/11/14 - 18/11/14

Production Company: Mediacross
Architect: Alessandro Rustighi
Set Design: Simone Serlenga
Designer: Matteo Salvadori

The project, designed by the Architect Alessandro Rustighi for Mediacross, from its conception to every little single detail, stands out for sharpened forms, as blades, aggressive/radical angles and hardness. The work-machinery force, post-industrial and technological innovation are the concepts behind and are represented by materials as metals, cable, concrete, pvc and LED wash lights.

All with a futuristic, restrained/sobriety and audacious look, creating a contemporary art gallery like atmosphere that matches perfectly and even enhances the strong personality space of the once in the past train station. Once inside the itinerary starts with a giant ribbon / tape as main architectural element which guide the visitors through the history of this long-term business association but also through the spaces. 80 metres of this angular bending structure of dibond aluminium is the main support and timeline along the exhibition where several light boxes showing an impressive photographic archive have a key role.

Video is also a constant element either with an informational and communicative purpose but also as part of the interior design. Several videos have been created.
Some specially noteworthy are the one that gives you an overview of the history of the power company using modern postproduction effects or a video wall installation working as the lighting of the bar capturing the attention with syncopated images of futuristic bulbs, flairs and beams of light. A contemporary underground feeling and a post-industrial science fiction look is present everywhere and specially in the leisure zones as the VIP area, divided into intimate and private recesses by 5 square metres of translucent PVC cylinders, and the main open lounge area which is articulated around a cubic iron cage lamp designed for this space, as most of the elements of the project.

A 300 seats auditorium where inspirational talk shows and debates have taken place, an experimental children’s lab plus an area where to wander among different elements of the company’s production are the last stages of the historical tech-tour which ends in a unique wide space with a 10 metres holographic video projection of an impressive 2/3D turbine that thanks to an optical illusion seems to be coming out of the wall and floating in the space.

Client: GE Oil & Gas
Production Company: Mediacross
Executive Producer: Guglielmo Boggia
Line Producer: Tullio Boggia
Project Supervisor: Alessandro Rustighi
Architect: Alessandro Rustighi
Art Director: Jacopo Taccogna
Visual Director: Ignacio Heer
Set Designer: Simone Serlenga
Videowall: Simone Serlenga
Designer: Matteo Salvadori

photo credits.mediacross florence