La Traviata Arena Verona

89° Festival 2011 - Melodramma In Tre Atti



Verona, Arena, 89° Festival 2011
Melodramma in tre atti su libretto di Francesco Maria Piave
Musica di Giuseppe Verdi

Large frames almost "stacked" on the big stage and the Roman amphitheater bleachers, empty mirrors, abandoned canvases. And 'This is the new production of Verdi's masterpiece scenography signed Hugo de Hana. A traditionally abstract setting, with intelligent will not create halls, town homes or bedrooms that in a space such as the Arena, the thing is now, would not make any sense. An atmosphere of decadence, of abandonment in which they work and roam almost disoriented, characters in sumptuous clothes, not surprisingly, "fin de siècle". An end '800 which is therefore the end of an era, of a romance now come to an end. Violetta becomes the ultimate expression of this order. His path to the inevitable death is marked by a strong sense of loneliness highlighted by scenic action limited to one central area of the scene, while the chorus, as in a Greek tragedy, by the sides of the stage, looking almost with detachment the events. Un'allestimento undoubtedly effective, this de Hana, which we can only allocate a certain tendency to a "horror vacui", particularly in the last act, though almost certainly deliberately chaotic. Beautiful but very challenging for recitations costumes, especially if the singer must move on a sharply angled scene.

Director, Scenes, Costumes and Lights: Hugo de Hana