Large scale video scenography



Walk-in video environment - Large scale Video Scenography

A site-specific project created for Helsinki Design Week in collaboration with Plastique-Fantastique, to highlight and enhance the pneumatic structure with a panoramic video projection.
The installation embraced the metalworkers' statue in the center of Helsinki (Kolmen sepän aukio).
The project concept focusses on craftsmanship, the blacksmith, the human and the 'dirt'; industrial hard work.

The audience will face a large projected surface created by multi-projection which will work as a visual canvas for filmed sequences, both as one, big, panorama screen, cinemascope ratio or splitting screens into more panels.
Therefore, viewers are subjected to an interplay between image, sound, and spatial structures, become part of a figuration that necessarily remains broken and asynchronous.
In installations large is usually best – the easiest way to achieve this is through projections. Larger spaces require multiple projectors.

The work investigated the purity of the shape blended with the purity of the images, a tough industrial form and a tough film. It considered both industrial aspects and those visually brutalist images, trying to grasp their beauty, but at the same time analyzing the ugliness, enhancing it and emphasizing it.
Architectural brutalism, visual brutalism, machines, softness, sharpness, tears, industry, ruins, landscape, bird-eye view, are items in issue.
The video installation combines visuals and sound. It includes the sharpness of metalworking, pushing on a key spiky and wrinkled of the industrial containers with the sharpness of the brutal architecture, comparing it abstractly with refining metals by smelting, casting it into shapes (founding), and filing to shape and size.
Noises of screwed bolts and the creaking of metal attached to crank and chains suspended in space can be heard.
It is a journey to the charm of industrial hardness associated with high-rise brutalist gaunt, telling a condition of work and life, and then flees to decompress in the panoramic giant sunsets.

Video environments is an event series and platform of research that transforms select sites into immersive experiences in expanded cinema, sound, and new media installation.

In this series are selects artists, musicians, directors and technologists are invited to develop audiovisual experiences that explore fluidity as an aesthetic, conceptual, and contextual film of inquiry.

panorama screen
location: M.22 length, M.3 heightBerlin 28 August 2017