Still Motion - Asphalt Piloten 2017



Asphalt Piloten - Still Motion
media show - performance

The work reflects on the significance of the body in urban space. A body is never perceived as neutral in the eye of the beholder: it always tells a story. Our body sees another body and immediately constructs a relationship to it. What happens if we continually change the body's surroundings yet leave the body itself unchanged?
Asphalt Piloten's new work 'STILL MOTION' will be a piece which arises from the close collaboration between Anna Anderegg and Milica Slacanin. It shifts between slow performance and ever-evolving visual installation.
22.04 - 22.04.16 showing Tanzhaus Zürich, CH
14.05 - 15.05.16 Bildstörung, Detmold, DE (DE premiere)
02.06 - 04.06.16 DAZ, Berlin, DE
18.06 - 19.06.16 Centre PasquArt, Biel, CH (CH premiere)
04.08 - 07.08.16 La Plage-des-Six-Pompes, CH

Anna Anderegg – Concept, Choreography, Edit
Milica Slacanin – Concept, Visual Strategy
Paula Pi – Dance
Marco Barotti – Sound Design
Simone Serlenga – Video Projections
Hannes Sesemann - Light Design
Robert Lange - Technical Direction
Andreas Pfiffner - Camera
Christian Anderegg – Focus Puller
Nicole Pfister - Grading
Antoniya Ivanova - Costumes
Manou Koreman - Movement Research
Baudilio Perez – Scenography
Moni Wespi - Dramaturgy
Nina Gazaniol - Director Assistent
Henne Fritze - Technical Advises
Nadine Becker – Production

photo credits. simone serlenga